What happens when all of your dealer network goes?


What happens if all of your dealers disappear? Vauxhall-owners in the United Kingdom are faced with this real possibility.

Vauxhall is being acquired by PSA Group. The shuttering of more then 100 dealers in the United Kingdom will effectively end a third the dealer network. After suffering losses for more than 90 consecutive years, General Motors decided to sell the brand.

Vauxhall would be well-known by American automotive buyers as its flagship sedan, Insignia. Buick’s Insignia sedan, wagon and Tour X are sold in the United States as its new 2018 Regal & Tour X.

Finding efficiency

Denis Chick, Vauxhall communications chief, said that dealers were being eliminated as part of an overall plan to make the group more efficient.

What do I do if I own a Vauxhall

A car owner might be worried about the possibility of an entire dealer network being lost. The good news is that, although Vauxhall dealers will be losing their name, some independent dealers might switch to another brand.

Vauxhall was informed that the changes planned for Vauxhall will take place over two-years and not in an instant. They also assured that the UK’s largest network will not be affected by the closings. However, Vauxhall customers who lose their local dealers will need new dealers. Vauxhall owner aren’t exactly encouraged by the announcement. But, it is not uncommon.

Opel down under, out

Australia’s Vauxhall sister company Opel had a similar experience in 2013. Opel, a Holden-badged Opel vehicle, was sold in Australia for years. General Motors however decided to sell the Opel brand in Australia in 2012. Opel dealers were established in Australia only a year later. In 2012, however, General Motors closed its operations and Opel customers are left without any dealers.

Opel reached a deal with Holden in order to make their dealers the Opel service center over the subsequent years.

Vauxhall’s dealer network could be closed, but that’s what it would look like if Vauxhall was to close.

Vauxhall’s plans of reorganizing their strategy to improve their network efficiency will only be known over time. News attention will now shift to job losses or customers asking the question.

What happens if my entire dealer network disappears?

Have you ever seen one in person? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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