How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Bulletproof Auto?


While not everyone will want a bulletproof car, it can be a valuable addition to their travel safety. Armormax has many clients, including CEOs and athletes, politicians, celebrities, security firms, and individuals who are perceived to be a threat. Armormax ‘s vehicles (r) can withstand gunshots, carjacking, as well as being safer in an event of an automobile accident. It is possible to be attacked or assaulted anywhere at any moment. A cocoon-type outer shell that wraps around the car is virtually invulnerable against explosions and guns.

With all the security threats in the world, the trend towards purchasing armored cars is increasing. The most well-known armoring packages are available for as low as $30k to $90k. This depends on how customizable you want it to be. Some vehicles can be modified easily, while others may require additional work. It does the same job, no matter if you have a brand-new bulletproof car.

There are many options for SUVs, Sedans, and Tucks when you buy used cars. This can help you save a lot. A quick Revs Check is a must before purchasing a used automobile. This report includes all information a serious buyer will need about a car’s background. It is a fast and simple method to inspect a car’s specifications.

Bulletproof Car Pricing

There are many factors that influence the price of an armored auto:

First, what level of protection do you have – is it handgun or rifle? High powered rifle RPG/Armorpiercing This is a personal call based on the perceived threat.

The second is the car being armored. Some vehicles take longer to arm. European vehicles typically cost between 10-20% more.

Third is coverage area. Some clients choose to armor only certain areas of the glass, such as the doors or roof. These armoring packs are less expensive.

Fourth, where is the armored vehicle located? Because of shipping costs, importation fees and skilled labor, armoring can cost more in some countries. Prices may vary up to 30% from what is standard.

Doors and windows may cost as much as $45,000. The cost to bulletproof a vehicle can run upto $100,000. For information regarding specific armoring packages, visit Armormax .


Windows made of regular glasses break easily. The first target at the time of the attack is the windows in the car. Your family and you can be seriously injured if there is broken glass. Bulletproof windows are determined by their thickness and their resistance. The thickness of bulletproof glass is usually between 1 and 3.

If you love to do it yourself, you can make the glass bullet resistant. You can do it with the support of polycarbonate. The lead glass can be laminated to increase the thickness.

There are many options available when it is time to install glass in windows. One-way resistance glass is something that almost everyone has heard of. These types glass are often used in TV shows and movies. They are thick and resist breaking even under extreme pressure. However, it is impossible to guarantee that it will be able to block all types of bullets. For general safety, it is possible to use the more expensive dense glass like Tempered Glass. This glass doesn’t shatter easily if an unexpected event occurs.


Bulletproof windows are ineffective unless there is a bulletproof entryway. The window will resist bullets from entering the vehicle when it is shot. However, the bullet can enter the car through any door that is not bulletproof.

The importance of protecting the car business is increasing, especially in high-crime areas. You need to ensure your family’s safety at all times. Ford, Ferrari and BMW have all started to make bulletproof versions. The aim of armoring a car’s door is not to make it look ordinary from the outside but impenetrable inside.

You must remove all shells inside the cars in order to make the bulletproof doors. Remove all pillars, and make sure they are empty. Install steel plates on the door and around the pillar. The security level depends on what you need. Therefore, a mix of ballistic nylon and Armormax synthetic material should be sufficient. You should ensure that the door is not too heavy. It can cause problems with daily use of your car.

You can also add steel plates to the ceiling and top of a door, along with ballistic fibr. When designing a bulletproof car, shock resistance should be considered along with fire-resistant technology. A fully-armored door can cost between $8k and $15k.


Regular tires will not be able catch up to the gunfire. It can cause them to shred and stop you getting away. Tires are often the preferred target, as you can’t just run away from a flat tire.

If you are looking to customize your bulletproof car, a rugged tires should be your first choice. Armored tires is not a result of having all-around bulletproof rubber tires. It’s difficult to make bulletproof tires. All tires are made of rubber. Bulletproof rubber is not available. For tire safety, a donut made of polymer is placed at the center with a wheel to support the tire’s movement even when it is flat. The polymer can support 60 more miles at 60 mph on any road condition.

The cost of customizing a flat-tire can vary depending on which model car you drive and what size rim you choose. If you purchase a tire with a 18-inch diameter rim, the tire and running cost will be approximately $650. The 22-inch tires might cost around $900.

Bulletproof Motors

Although engines are often hidden under the car’s hood, it does not mean that they are invulnerable to attack. A single damage to an engine can lead to catastrophe. It doesn’t mean that shielding engines means they have to be covered in heavy-duty metals. This can cause engine ergonomics problems. Professionals can assess the engine’s weight to determine if it is balanced.

Most engines can handle heavy shielding, but they are strong enough. The cost for the bulletproof coat of an engine will vary depending on its choice. Prices can be as high as $5,000 to $10,000.


A bomb under your car can cause your car to explode. You can also add an explosive- and bulletproof floor to your vehicle. A nylon cover can be placed on the floor to protect it from any dangers. You can also replace carpet with something durable for extra safety.

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