Here’s A List Of All The Major Types Of Car Racing

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Automobile racing has always been a major part of the industry. Automakers love to boast about racing victories, competing in particular series, or all of their sponsorships. Modern racing has become a highly competitive sport, not only because it pits the best teams and drivers against one another so you must have the best Brian Tooley Racing products. Because car racing is so much more than just watching fast cars go around a track, we’ve put together this list that includes all the major types you can watch on TV and take part in.

You can find major types and levels of amateur or professional car racing.


Formula racing, also known as open-wheel driving, is widely recognized as the pinnacle of four-wheeled motorsport. Only the most talented drivers can compete at this level. This is especially important when you consider that the cars on the tracks are worth untold millions of dollars .

These include an open, single-driver cockpit, exposed tires (hence the “open-wheel”), and mid-engine layouts. The differences aren’t the same, so let’s take a look at the details.

Touring Car

Touring Car racing, unfortunately, is more popular in Australia.This series uses modified road-going vehicles. This series is very competitive, as there is not much to differentiate the cars from the others on the list.

Many automakers compete with other manufacturers in the Touring Car series that feature similar cars. Each series has different rules and the race cars may be different in terms of performance and aerodynamic requirements. The majority of touring cars produce 600 horsepower and have the same overall design as their roadgoing counterparts.


Rallying (or “stage”) rallying is not like other forms. It mostly takes place on rough terrains like dirt, sand, or mud. Rallying is also done all year. Therefore, drivers are required to race in the rain and snow. There are only a few paved sections. These are used to connect off-road sections.

Rallying has its unique characteristics. It involves a timed section where the passenger acts like a co-driver and gives directions to the driver. These are called “pace notices” and are a shortened code the co-driver reads out to the driver.


Although things may not have been officially organized, drivers have always raced in short drag races between the light. Drag racing looks simple. Start the engine, wait for the green to turn, then drag it. However, the modern drag race is much more complicated. Grip, aerodynamic drag, timing, and timing are crucial. As cars accelerate at high speeds over short distances, they need to stop quickly.

Drag racing is one of the most accessible car racing series. Two or more cars line up with a quarter-mile or eight-mile stretch tarmac in front. A “tree,” a symbol similar to a traffic light, signals that the race has begun when it changes from red to a series of yellow lights before turning green. The car that crosses it first is the winner. You will be disqualified if you go over the starting line in front of the tree turning green.