How to make Mobile Billboards by Using Custom-Printed Stickers on Cars


Mobile billboards can be used to promote businesses. This idea isn’t new. A mobile banner is a promotional item, and it is mobile. Mobile billboards can be used to market large businesses that have invested in truck signs and custom-painted buses. Guess what? Mobile billboards work extremely well.

Billboards offer the highest reach when compared with all other “outside-of-home (OOH) advertising methods. Billboard ads are seen every year by around 80% of people. Mobile billboards have become a popular choice for top brands, as they catch the eye of people while they are traveling long distances.

How can small companies gain such huge exposure without spending big on bus or truck advertising? You can make custom-printed stickers to cover your cars. Cover your vehicles with custom printed stickers to make them mobile billboards. Here’s how promotional stickers applied to company cars can benefit your brand.

Long Distance Exposition

Your custom printed stickers will not only be visible, but also other advertising tools. They travel with your company car wherever it goes. There are no restrictions on their exposure. Anybody can place these stickers on their car – even family and friends.

These stickers are open to all businesses. Any business can use these stickers anywhere they wish to capture the attention and interest of targeted audiences who pass by on foot, or by car.

Cost Effective Tool

Because of their high cost, small businesses tend to avoid mobile billboards. This highly effective advertising method is now affordable for small businesses. Without breaking the bank, business owners can order bulk sets of custom printed vinyl stickers.


Your custom-printed stickers are great for promoting your brand whether your company vehicles have wheels or not. You can also park your company vehicles in your store to spread the word about your brand. Car stickers work well when they’re mobile. People are much more likely to be drawn to posters and moving signs for cars.

Target Specific Areas

Another great benefit to using mobile billboards for advertising is the ability of targeting specific locations. A small company that is involved in sports can have its cars painted with stickers and drive them near stadiums. An alternative is that a new fashion brand can drive its company vehicles close to shopping centers.

Vinyl stickers can also be reused, so there are no restrictions on the number of business owners who can use them. It doesn’t matter how the stickers are applied to your car or how they’re designed. You can use them in certain locations to get brand exposure. This kind of geotargeting with physical marketing tools is rare.

Final Take — Are Custom Stickers Marketing Tools Good for Your Company’s Business?

Customized stickers can be a great alternative for businesses that don’t want to spend a lot on digital marketing campaigns. You can make great stickers for your business as long the stickers have been professionally designed and clearly represent your brand. Also, the stickers are cheap so it’s not expensive for companies to try them.

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